Ethismos has conducted extensive research and development and has collected compelling data on rapidly acting antidepressant therapies that hold the promise to fundamentally changed the landscape of Treatment Resistant Depression (TRD).

While other therapies are shown to be effective for acute remission of TRD, most have considerable, sometimes debilitating side effects including loss of libido and unintended weight gain. These negative side effects contribute to low tolerability and adherence and make long-term maintenance or remission a challenge.

Ethismos scientists and researchers have been working diligently to develop safe and effective therapies that are shown to be well tolerated in acute and chronic depression - and especially well suited for TRD without loss of sexual function or weight gain. 

The Ethismos research and data on our TRD therapy show great promise as an effective and safe treatment for patients. Our therapies will allow patients to more easily adhere to medication without major side effects, allowing them to be happier, healthier and